Same river?

It is said one can never step in the same river twice.

Well, I wish I haven’t. It might not be excactly same river as before but you get hurt again because those sharp rocks are still there and the flow is still strong. You may change standing at the river bank but the river is the same.

I’m not sure why we want to step in the same rivers again even if it was painful before. I don’t know why we want to be with same people who made us sad or broken-hearted. Maybe we think it will be different this time. Maybe we hope river changed. (It hasn’t.) We hope they changed or we changed them, but people remain same deep inside.

We can try it expecting it will be better this time. Or we can leave to search  for another river. Because as river can kill and hurt it can also give life and be refreshing.

So choose right river you step in.